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Progesterone-receptor complex from freshly prepared hen oviduct cytosol acquired the ability to bind to isolated nuclei, DNA-cellulose and ATP-Sepharose when incubated with 5-10 mM ATP at 4 degrees C. The extent of this ATP-dependent activation was higher when compared with heat-activation achieved by warming the progesterone-receptor complex at 23 degrees(More)
A new method in which induction of mixed lymphocyte responses and cytotoxicity can be performed under identical conditions is described. This enables the investigation of the relationship between MLR and cytotoxicity. A micro method for the 51Cr release assay for cytotoxicity is described using both mitogen-induced blasts and tumors as target cells. Under(More)
A murine monoclonal antibody, KuFc79, has been developed that reacts with human IgG Fc receptors on monocytes, B lymphocytes, and granulocytes. The specificity of KuFc79 for Fc receptors was demonstrated by the ability of Fab fragments to block Fc-mediated phagocytosis by monocytes. This finding was further substantiated by the decrease of KuFc79 binding to(More)
Identifying the steps involved in striatal development is important both for understanding the striatum in health and disease, and for generating protocols to differentiate striatal neurons for regenerative medicine. The most prominent neuronal subtype in the adult striatum is the medium spiny projection neuron (MSN), which constitutes more than 85% of all(More)
Adult thymectomized mice were sublethally irradiated and reconstituted with various doses of syngeneic bone marrow. Immunological reactivity was assessed by allogeneic skin grafting at various intervals after reconstitution. It was found that reconstitution with high doses (1 X 10(7), 2 X 10(7)) of bone marrow was associated with an ability to reject(More)
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