M. Taylor Haynes

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Participants in the present study reported the amount of affectionate communication characterizing the personal relationship they currently identified as their most affectionate relationship. The authors subsequently measured their resting heart rate and baseline salivary cortisol, and then exposed participants to a series of standard laboratory stressors.(More)
The mechanism of nickel(0)-catalyzed reductive coupling of aldehydes and alkynes has been studied. Extensive double-labeling crossover studies have been conducted. While previous studies illustrated that phosphine- and N-heterocyclic carbene-derived catalysts exhibited differing behavior, the origin of these effects has now been evaluated in detail. Many(More)
A method that allows for the reduction of protected hydroperoxides by employing catalytic amounts of phosphine is presented. The combination of a titanium(IV) alkoxide and a siloxane allowed for the chemoselective reduction of phosphine oxides in the presence of alkyl silyl peroxides. Subsequent reduction of the peroxide moiety by phosphine provided the(More)
Contemporary theory in interpersonal communication and health psychology supports the prediction that engaging in affectionate behavior within established relationships has a direct effect on the alleviation of stress symptoms following exposure to an acute stressor. Participants in this study were exposed to a series of standard laboratory stressors and(More)
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