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This paper describes in detail, the workings of a prototype version of a parallel processor for high-performance computing of large-scale tasks for identification (classification). The use of such processors will provide the required computing power with a guaranteed quality of decision making. Program settings and architecture cascading, as well as the(More)
Such tasks as clustering, classification, regression, and associative search are viewed as formal tasks Data Mining. Objects presented in the form of multi-dimensional numerical vectors of informative features are initial data. For each of the tasks exist many known algorithms of solving, but they have fundamental differences. The first group is based on(More)
In this paper we consider the cognitive process as a set of different tasks. In particular tasks of clustering, classification and search of association. Described the parameters of similarity of these tasks, hypothesized the possibility of creating a unified methodology for cognitive systems. Shown the possible original architecture of the system, its(More)
Advertised an international project to create a prototype multi-robotic system. The mobile robot used the concept of multi-level management system, according to which the majority of workload is on-board computer. This will reduce the amount of data transmitted over a wireless link, and increase the efficiency of the development of algorithms for(More)
In the current paper the original interpretation of cognitive process as the totality of clustering tasks, classification and the search of associations was illustrated, as well as it was given the definition of these notions. The similarity of computation graphs for general solution schemes allows to speak about the opportunity of making an unified(More)
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