M. Tariq Iqbal

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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—This paper presents an embedded frequency response analyzer (EFRA) for Fuel Cells (FC) based on a robust measurement technique with simple implementation. Frequency response analysis(More)
Micro-grid system is currently a conceptual solution to fulfill the commitment of reliable power delivery for future power systems. Renewable power sources such as wind and hydro offer the best potential for emission free power for future micro-grid systems. This paper presents a micro-grid system based on wind and hydro power sources and addresses issues(More)
Microwave repeaters are one of the main energy consumers in the telecommunication industry. These repeaters are powered using diesel generators and batteries, particularly when they are located in remote areas. Diesel generators require higher maintenance cost and for remote sites this cost will be more due to the added oil transportation cost. The aim of(More)
This work presents a reliability analysis of the Power Conditioning System (PCS) for both the Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and Wound Rotor Induction Generator (WRIG)-based small wind turbine generation systems. The PCS for grid connection of the PMG-based system requires a rectifier, boost converter and a grid-tie inverter, while the WRIG-based system(More)
Ever since internet is evolving day by day, new technologies and interfaces have been introduced. Now a day's all the services are available on the web. These advancements encourage disabled users (blind) to access the web content. For this screen readers have been introduces and guidelines have been set to establish the compatibility between both of them.(More)
One of the main concerns of hybrid power system is the fluctuation of voltage and frequency of the system due to variation in the load and renewable power. A number of different types of energy storage techniques, which are theoretically and operationally available, have been proposed to remedy such fluctuations. One long-term storage option is compressed(More)
This paper investigates the most feasible configuration of a hybrid energy system for a typical electric-heated home in St. John's, Newfoundland. Available renewable energy resources data i.e. hourly wind speed, solar insolation and flow rate in Waterford River and electric power consumption data of an electric-heated house is used for sizing the hybrid(More)
An isolated small wind turbine emulator is described in this paper. The system consists of a PC controlled variable speed DC motor coupled to a synchronous generator. Dump load is connected to the generator through a microcontroller controlled DC-DC converter. The varying aerodynamic torque of the wind turbine due to furling action and its resulting(More)
River current turbines are electromechanical energy converters that harness kinetic energy of a stream of flowing river water to generate electricity. Research in this domain is limited and various concepts are emerging only recently. In this paper, an extensive technology survey and comparison of various system options are discussed in order to formulate a(More)
Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) are difficult to model due to their complex nonlinear multivariate nature. This paper describes the development of a DMFC system model, which incorporates an optimization approach, based on statistical design of experiment (DoE) methodology. It is demonstrated through experimentation with a DMFC setup that DoE provides a(More)