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OBJECTIVES Determine if the MRL/lpr mouse develops neurological deficits and, if so, the pathologic basis for these deficits. Antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL) are associated with ischemic stroke, multiinfarct dementia, chorea, and cardiac valvular abnormalities. The MRL/lpr mouse develops high titer anticardioplin antibodies (aCL) suggesting that it may be(More)
We describe an heterogeneous network composed by wireless links and a power line communication (PLC) infrastructure, using the public lighting system. The network is designed to allow measuring energy consumption, in an urban scenario with a large number of nodes, and to remotely control the lighting system for optimal energy usage. For the specific(More)
This study represents an initial attempt to analyze the humoral immune reactions of patients with malignant melanoma by hybridoma methodology. Using lymphocytes from regional lymph nodes, peripheral blood and tumor infiltrates, 158 fusions were performed with SKO-007 (human myeloma line), LICR-LON-HMy2 (LICR-2), GM 4672 (human lymphoblastoid lines), or NS-1(More)
1. Ecologists are debating the relative role of deterministic and stochastic determinants of community structure. Although the high diversity and strong spatial structure of soil animal assemblages could provide ecologists with an ideal ecological scenario, surprisingly little information is available on these assemblages. 2. We studied species-rich soil(More)
Sera of 106 normal adult men were tested for antibodies reacting with cell surface antigens of three established lines of cultured malignant melanoma. Positive reactions with a protein A assay for IgG antibodies were extremely rare (1-2%). The frequency of positive reactions with assays for IgM antibodies was higher: 5-15% in immune adherence assays and(More)
Host antibacterial defense after Strepsiptera parasitization is a complex and rather unexplored topic. The way how these parasites interact with bacteria invading into the host insect during an infection is completely unknown. In the present study we demonstrate that larvae of the paper wasp Polistes dominulus are more efficient at eliminating bacteria when(More)
INTRAVITAL MICROSCOPY of the microcirculation has been an effective means of investigating fundamental physiological function for more than a century. Recent general advances in instrumentation technology have been applied with advantage to the quantitative evaluation of microcirculatory phenomena. A particularly useful and important technique that is(More)
Studies on disturbance regimes involving carabid beetles have mainly focused on forest habitats. We therefore decided to analyze the effects of disturbance on carabid communities in a wetland remnant (Lake Chiusi, central Italy). Results highlighted the presence of a disturbance gradient affecting the species richness and trait-displacement of carabid(More)
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