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The effect of sleep on intracranial blood flow velocities has not been reported in children or adults, even though blood flow velocities are evaluated for clinical purposes during both sleep and wakefulness. We report the effect of sleep on intracranial blood flow velocities of 11 healthy individuals (five children and six adults) who were monitored by(More)
Studies on disturbance regimes involving carabid beetles have mainly focused on forest habitats. We therefore decided to analyze the effects of disturbance on carabid communities in a wetland remnant (Lake Chiusi, central Italy). Results highlighted the presence of a disturbance gradient affecting the species richness and trait-displacement of carabid(More)
—We describe an heterogeneous network composed by wireless links and a power line communication (PLC) infrastructure, using the public lighting system. The network is designed to allow measuring energy consumption, in an urban scenario with a large number of nodes, and to remotely control the lighting system for optimal energy usage. For the specific(More)
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