M Tannheimer

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Chick embryo fibroblasts cultured on a collagen matrix exert tractional forces leading to the contraction of unrestrained, floating collagen gels and to the development of tension in attached, restrained gels. On a restrained, attached collagen gel the fibroblasts synthesize large quantities of tenascin-C, whereas in a floating, contracting gel tenascin-C(More)
Impalement injuries are uncommon and only occasional reports exist in the literature, resulting in non standardized approaches. Depending on the location, completely different combinations of injuries occur, making every impalement unique. Nevertheless some basic principles for dealing with impalements exist. These principles, and some controversial(More)
Chronic functional instability is a residual problem after acute ankle sprain. Reasons may be weak ligaments and/or a deficit in the proprioceptive system. Studies have shown that peroneal reaction time (PRT) can be used to quantify proprioceptive performance. To test the influence of anthropometric data on PRT, an experimental study with 120 healthy(More)
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