M. Tahkokorpi

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Anthocyanin (Acy) contents and GST activities of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) were investigated in two experiments conducted in June (Exp. I: active growth) and in August September (Exp. II: beginning of frost hardening) in Northern Finland (65 degrees N). Bilberry plants were subjected to +2 degrees C and +18 degrees C in Exp. I or +5/0 degrees C(More)
The difference between drought tolerance of juvenile and mature leaves of the winter-deciduous dwarf shrub bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) from a northern boreal environment was investigated. It was hypothesised that mature leaves are more drought sensitive than juvenile leaves. Bilberry plants were allowed to dry out by excluding irrigation when leaves(More)
A computer model was used to study important two-step ion-exchange processes for fabrication of singlemode optical waveguides with fiberlike mode field distributions. As a first process step, a field-assisted method was calculated to have a better controllability than a diffusion method. As a second process step, field-assisted burial was found to optimize(More)
Developing leaves of several mature Betula pendula trees planted for landscaping turned red when a sudden cold period occurred during the high light conditions of Spring. At the same time the leaves of other trees remained green. The effect of street lamp light on leaf colouration of the B. pendula trees with Springtime red- and green-emerging leaves was(More)
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