M. Taboada

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BACKGROUND Semantic Web technology can considerably catalyze translational genetics and genomics research in medicine, where the interchange of information between basic research and clinical levels becomes crucial. This exchange involves mapping abstract phenotype descriptions from research resources, such as knowledge databases and catalogs, to(More)
Clinical terminologies are considered a key technology for capturing clinical data in a precise and standardized manner, which is critical to accurately exchange information among different applications, medical records and decision support systems. An important step to promote the real use of clinical terminologies, such as SNOMED-CT, is to facilitate the(More)
The need to represent and manage time is implicit in several reasoning processes in medicine. However, this is predominantly obvious in the field of many neurodegenerative disorders, which are characterized by insidious onsets, progressive courses and variable combinations of clinical manifestations in each patient. Therefore, the availability of tools(More)
Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) represent standard sets of recommendations for the clinical handling of patient affections of a concrete pathology. They reflect the best scientific evidence available for such pathology. Its adoption by health-care professionals has a direct impact in the quality of the assistance, fostering the standardization of the(More)
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