M Tabib-Azar

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  • C Chestek, P Samsukha, M Tabib-Azar, R Harrison, H Chiel, S Garverick
  • 2001
This paper presents the design of a bio-compatible, im-plantable neural recording device for Aplysia californica, a common sea slug. Low-voltage extracellular neural signals (<100 µV) are recorded using a high-performance, low-power, low-noise preamplifier that is integrated with programmable data acquisition and control, and FSK te-lemetry that provides(More)
A GaAs-based transistor, analogous to commercial silicon devices, has been fabricated with vapor-deposited cubic GaS as the insulator material. The n-channel, depletion mode, GaAs field-effect transistor shows, in addition to classical transistor characteristics, a channel mobility of 4665.6 square centimeters per volt per second, an interfacial trap(More)
This article reports on the evolution of contact resistance (R c) of metal contacts over 100,000 cycles. A contact-mode atomic force microscope connected to a current versus voltage (I-V) measurement system was used and successive I-V measurements between a Cr-or Al thin-film metals on silicon nitride coated silicon in a nitrogen ambient were carried out.(More)
— It is generally accepted that electromechanical switches have superior off-to-on resistance ratios, very low leakage currents, and sub-threshold slope better than 0.1 mV/decade. It is also well-known that these switches tend to have large footprint , large turn on voltages, low speeds (at best 0.1 0.01 s switching time) and are relatively unreliable and(More)
— We designed, fabricated and tested new micro-plasma FET (MOPFET) devices that operate inside RF helium plasma that generated at atmospheric pressure. Unlike normal FETs, micro-plasma FETs uses electrons and ions as carriers. It has unique advantages over normal FETs in extreme conditions at high temperature and ionizing radiation in space and in a nuclear(More)
— This paper introduces a fabrication technique that uses planar MEMS micromachining processes to produce hemispherical resonating shells for gyroscopes. The hemispheres exhibit a quality factor in excess of 20,000 with resonant frequencies in the range of 20 kHz for the 4-node wineglass mode. The fabrication process enables production of almost perfect(More)
– Contact resistance and its evolution are important parameters that determine the useful lifetime of MEMS switches. This work investigates the stiction force and evolution of contact resistance for five different metals (iridium, tungsten, nickel, ruthenium, and platinum). A Pt AFM probe was used as the counter electrode and the contact resistance over(More)
We report the design, fabrication and electrical characterization of novel three dimensional Micro-plasma Field Effect Transistor (MOPFET) devices that operate inside atmospheric RF helium plasma. Current versus voltage characterization of MOPFETs are demonstrated in this paper. High transconductance and reliable gate control over I ds can be obtained from(More)
  • M Tabib-Azar, J Zarycki, M Cullins, P Samsukha, H Chiel, S Garverick
  • 2008
A novel platinum electrode array with 100x100 micrometer 2 contact area on 3 mm long, 5 micrometer thin, flexible silicon cantilever beams that are mechanically and electrically impedance matched with lipid membranes was designed and fabricated using a bulk micromachining technique. Coatings with carbon nanotubes, carbon black, and silver epoxy reduced the(More)
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