M T Willigens

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Abnormal involuntary movements (AIMs, stereotyped or dyskinetic movements) were induced with different dopamine mimetics in rat, cat, and monkey. In the rat only stereotyped movements were observed, whereas in the cat dopamine agonists (apomorphine) preferentially induced dyskinesia but dopamine/noradrenaline uptake inhibitors (d-amphetamine, nomifensine)(More)
The effect of bilateral lesions of various cortical areas on neuroleptic- and non-neuroleptic-induced catalepsy was studied in the rat. Ablation of the frontal or parietal cortex led to a marked decrease in haloperidol catalepsy, whereas lesions of the occipital cortex, or of the olfactory bulbs did not affect catalepsy, when measured 3 weeks post lesion in(More)
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