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Between January 1, 1976, and December 31, 2002, histologic diagnosis of primary glomerular diseases (PGD) was made in 898 patients born and living at the time of diagnosis in a region of France, comprising 412,735 inhabitants, of whom 391,265 were aged from 10 to 85 years. The prevalence of PGD during a 75-year exposure to risk (10 to 85 years of age) was(More)
AIM Rapid urease tests are commonly used to establish the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection during upper endoscopy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of a new rapid urease test (Pronto Dry) compared with histology as the gold standard. METHODS Six gastric biopsies (three in the antrum and three in the fundus) were performed in(More)
We investigated the effects of the beta1-beta2-alpha1-blocker, labetalol, in the congestive heart failure (CHF) model induced by aortic constriction in the guinea pig. One hundred days after aortic constriction, 52 animals were given either placebo, labetalol 2 mg/kg/d, or labetalol 20 mg/kg/d for 60 days. Eighteen sham-operated animals were used as(More)
Adoptive immunotherapy with antitumor effector cells is an attractive therapeutic approach in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The aim of the work was to enhance in vitro activation of lymphocytes with optimal cytotoxic activity against tumor cells. We evaluated a procedure based on the use of dendritic cells (DCs) loaded with irradiated tumor cells(More)
The use of beta-blockers reduces angiotensin II levels, but could not adequately suppress aldosterone production. Thus, the combination of a beta-blocker with an aldosterone receptor antagonist could exert additive effects. The effects of metoprolol and spironolactone and their combination on hemodynamics and cardiac remodeling in cardiomyopathic hamsters(More)
Chronic angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibition can be associated with aldosterone escape. We investigated the effects of enalapril, spironolactone, and their combination on hemodynamics and cardiac remodeling in cardiomyopathic hamsters to determine whether these drugs could exert additive effects. Cardiomyopathic hamsters, Bio TO-2 dilated strain, were(More)
The effects of the selective angiotensin II type 1 receptor antagonist candesartan on cardiac, systemic, and regional hemodynamics and on cardiac, pulmonary, and hepatic histomorphometry were investigated in cardiomyopathic hamsters (CMHs), Bio TO-2 dilated strain, with advanced congestive heart failure (CHF). Two groups were treated orally with candesartan(More)
We report the second case of squamous cell carcinoma arising in a hepatic foregut cyst (CHFC) in a 40-year-old woman. Microscopically, the lining of the cyst was composed of ciliated columnar epithelium, gastric and squamous epithelium. The squamous epithelium showed areas with dysplastic changes and other areas with carcinomatous transformation. In this(More)
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