M. T. González-Estrada

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Using a model of spike generator mechanism (SGM) with a variable threshold we simulate the responses of utricular afferents to sinusoidal vibrations. It reproduces the phase locking characteristics (bifurcations diagrams) and the stimulus frequency firing rate relationships of different types of utricular afferents. We estimate the model parameters(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the possible role of GABA as an afferent transmitter in the vestibular system of the axolotl. We studied the effects of GABA, muscimol, bicuculline and picrotoxin on the spontaneous spike discharge of the afferent fibers of the sacculi lagena and anterior semicircular canal. It was found that GABA and muscimol produce(More)
Carnosine is a dipeptide found in great quantities in the primary olfactory nerve and has been suggested to be the neurotransmitter of the olfactory receptor axons. The aim of the present study was to describe some of its electrophysiological actions in the olfactory bulb (OB) of rabbits under anesthesia. Carnosine as a 10% solution in amounts of 2-5(More)
This study was undertaken to assess the localization of the Na+,K+-ATPase in the neuroepithelial cells of the macula sacculi. In vitro perilymphatic (basolateral) perfusion with ouabain produced a significant drop in the membrane potential. Endolymphatic (apical) application of ouabain had practically no effect on membrane potentials. This suggests that(More)
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