M T Fernandez-Sanchez

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The present study reports the occurrence and localization of beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) immunoreactivity (IR) in human lumbar dorsal root ganglia of healthy adult subjects (age range 25-43 years). To ascertain that ganglionic cells displayed APP IR, neurofilament (NFP) and S-100 proteins (S100P) were studied in parallel. Immunoblotting revealed(More)
BACKGROUND Animal studies have demonstrated better embryo development in vivo than in vitro. This pilot study tested the feasibility of using a novel in utero culture system (IUCS) to obtain normal human fertilization and embryo development. METHODS The IUCS device comprised a perforated silicone hollow tube. The study included 13 patients (<36 years)(More)
Historically, all commercially available kainic acid has been derived from a single biological source using a consistent method of extraction and purification. That source became unavailable in 1995. Recently, three new commercial suppliers of kainic acid have made the product available, but the source of the material and the purification processes used(More)
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