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The idea of de-clustering is defined as follows: Given a set of data, divide them into two groups such that these two groups are similar to each other. We shall show that this de-clustering technique can be used to solve the multi-disk data allocation problem for parallel processing. SECTION 1. INTRODUCTION The problem of clustering is defined as follows:(More)
The epidemiologic characteristics of lung cancer in Taiwan differ from those in other parts of the world in low male-to-female ratio, the high percentage of adenocarcinoma, and the relatively high percentage of nonsmokers who are victims. To investigate possible correlation between p53 gene alteration and the unique characteristics of lung cancer here, p53(More)
Sustainable principles have been applied in many sectors including the construction industry. In light of this requirement , delivery and operation of public funded projects have been given particular attention since they are seen as benchmarks in this industry and possess more significant impact on economy, environment, society, resource utilization,(More)
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