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sulfite and cysteine [6]. The S-sulfonate was purified on Sephadex G-25 (0.9 • 50 cm) with 0.1 M acetic acid, and the fractions Muted at the same volume as natural BPTI (SSOa-)6 were collected (yield 63 mg). Forty mg of this substance was further purified on Sephadex G-25 to produce a purified peptide S-sulfonate (I) (yield 32 rag). Twenty mg of I was(More)
Bet den langleb igen Ho lza r t en ist die pho toper iod i sehe R e i z a n f n a h m e u n d ihre ~u b i s tang n n r vere inzel t miher un te r such t t a ) , ulld es sind, wie bet den kurz lebigen k r a u t i g e n P f l a n z e n % die BlOtter als Pe rzep t ionso rgan e r k a n n t worden . U n g e k l g r t aber bl ieb noch der EinfluB pho toper iod i(More)
The larvae of S. frugiperda showed differences in orientation depending largely upon their physiological states. A preference for wet conditions manifested itself in the orientation of the penultimate instar larvae, whereas the larvae of the final stage exhibited preference neither for wet nor for dry conditions. However, the 'light level' proved to be of(More)
1. Allatectomy in newly-ecdysed last instar (6th instar) larvae of Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval led to a high accumulation of a more saturated fat in female moths obtained. 2. Phospholipids and triglycerides were tremendously decreased apparently due to the impairment of oögenesis. 3. Whereas cholesterol level in fat was diminished, it was not affected(More)
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