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Two endocasts of the extinct marsupial Thylacosmilus atrox are studied. The specimens were found in outcrops at present considered of Pliocene Age. The followings are the conclusions arrived in the study: 1) The encephalon of Thylacosmilus atrox shows a well developed neocortex, with a deep rhinal fissure and the major marsupial neocortical sulci well(More)
A natural endocranial cast which represents a complete brain of a specimen of Hapalops indifferens is described. Comparing this cast to brains of actual Tardigrada, it shows a telencephalic morphology and a pattern of neocortical sulci that resemble more the brain of Bradypus rather than that of Choloepus. The neocortical sulci homologate the lateral or(More)
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