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Matrix completion with prescribed eigenvalues is a special kind of inverse eigenvalue problems. Thus far, only a handful of specific cases concerning its existence and construction have been studied in the literature. The general problem where the prescribed entries are at arbitrary locations with arbitrary cardinalities proves to be challenging both(More)
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) involves arterial occlusion due to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It is suggested that intermittent claudication, the most frequent clinical presentation of PAOD, is caused by impaired vasodilation. Current treatments for PAOD are not directed at improving vascular reactivity and are often(More)
Three example variants of the k-modes algorithm are compared as tools to illustrate the effects of ties on convergence of any k-modes like algorithm. Two types of ties are discussed as well as their affect on the convergence of the 3 variants. These consequences of resolving these ties are shown to greatly affect speed of convergence and quality of results.(More)
Categorical data can easily have ties. This paper identifies two types of ties and studies their effect on the k-modes methods for categorical data. Three commonly used variants of the k-modes algorithm, each of which handles tie breaking and stopping criterion differently, are compared. It is shown via simple yet subtly constructed examples that the(More)
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