M. T. Chitra

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The UML Sequence Diagram along with Model Driven Architecture in software development helps to model the time constraint behavior that enhances the legibility of the structure and behavior of a system. The Object Constraint Language (OCL) helps to convey additional constraints and invariants required, but OCL confines into an expression language. The lack(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) consist of large number of sensor nodes. These small and low cost sensor nodes are deployed in monitoring region of interest. Since sensors perform multiple functions such as data gathering and data transmission results in energy depletion, these effects the network lifetime. The nodes having tendency to fail due to energy(More)
Mobile communication provides the medium by which maritime safety information, boat location information, weather forecasts and other services, can be disseminated to boats at sea. For a vessel in trouble, the accuracy and update rate of boat's position reporting aids rescue, thereby avoiding the loss of the boat and saving the lives of the fishermen or(More)
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