M.T. Carvalho

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We present experimental results of distributed gain measurements from a dual-pumped (1050 nm +1550 nm) thulium-doped fiber amplifier using optical frequency-domain reflectometry. We show that significant reductions in total pump power and/or fiber length are realized with the addition of a few milliwatts at 1550 nm. For our experimental conditions, the(More)
We report on the characterization of a recently introduced dual-wavelength pumping scheme for thulium-doped fiber amplifiers using 800 and 1050 nm. Using a counterpropagating pump configuration, 180 mW of total pump power yielded 27-dB small-signal gain and less than 5-dB noise figure. Furthermore, using optical frequency domain reflectometry, the(More)
We have modeled the distributed gain of single and dual-wavelength pumped TDFAs. Comparing with COFDR measurements, the excellent agreement of the model enabled us to estimate branching ratios and cross-sections of the thulium-doped fiber.
We present an experimental study on transient events in 1050/1550-nm dual-wavelength pumped thulium-doped fiber amplifiers (TDFAs)-a promising candidate for S-band telecommunication applications. For appropriate power ratios of the two pump wavelengths, transient excursions due to signal add-drop are comparable to those in single-wavelength pumped TDFAs.(More)
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