M-T Bouafia

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INTRODUCTION El-Menia is an oasis located in the middle of Algerian Sahara. The drinking water in this oasis has low sodium content. The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of hypertension, to describe the metabolic characteristics of population study and to assess the factors associated with blood pressure levels. METHODS A cross(More)
INTRODUCTION Arterial hypertension is a major public health problem not only internationally, but also in our country, and it is the major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In south Algeria, the black population is nearly half the population of the oases of the Algerian Sahara. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objectives of the study are to analyze(More)
OBJECTIFS Comparer le profil morpho-hémodynamique de la population noire du sud algérien avec celui de la population blanche des mêmes oasis algériennes. Comparer la morbi-mortalité cardiovasculaire et totale entre les deux populations. MéTHODES: 1 425 patients âgés de 40 ans et plus des 2 sexes et des 2 couleurs de peau, blanche et noire. L'étude consiste(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess the prevalence, the degree of control, and the comorbidities of hypertension in postmenopausal women. DESIGNS AND METHODS This is a cohort descriptive and prospective study conducted in 2years in a population with hypertension treated for arterial hypertension in specialized university hospital in Blida, which included one thousand seven(More)
OBJECTIFS Évaluer la prévalence, le degré de contrôle et les comorbidités de l'hypertension artérielle (HTA) chez les femmes ménopausées. MéTHODES: C'est une étude transversale, rétrospective et descriptive réalisée entre juin 2013 et juin 2015, sur une population hypertendue, suivie en consultation spécialisée d'HTA du Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire de(More)
INTRODUCTION The metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. It exposes to two main complications: cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes. This risk is higher among women. It causes a high cardiovascular mortality. OBJECTIVES Assess the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) among our black hypertensive population. Study of(More)
INTRODUCTION During the past 20 years, significant progress has been made in the recanalization of ACS with ST elevation. It is now accepted that the reopening of the large coronary vessels in the acute phase of infarction by thrombolysis or angioplasty is necessary but not sufficient, because in 20-50% of cases, the coronary recanalization is an illusion(More)
PURPOSE To compare differences in prevalence rates, treatment and control of hypertension (AHT) between males and females in general medicine consultation in the area of Blida (Algeria). METHODS We included 3622 patients in the study (42% males and 58% females), with a mean age of 48.14±10.11 years, examined between January 2014 and June 2016 in general(More)
OBJECTIFS Étude de l'observance thérapeutique. Étude de l'efficacité des différentes classes thérapeutiques anti-hypertensives dans cette population. Comparer avec la population blanche des mêmes oasis algériennes. MéTHODES: 1 550 sujets, des deux sexes et des deux couleurs de peau, âgés de 40 ans et plus, habitant le Sahara algérien ont été revu après 6(More)
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