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Ultra Wideband (UWB) has been deliberated as a promising technology for short-range wireless communication with large unlicensed frequency band for commercial, enterprise private and public uses. Designing an antenna of compact size for portable wireless devices is one of the challenges especially for UWB based wireless communication technologies. In this(More)
This paper propose a novel design for multiband reconfigurable Ultra Wideband (UWB) antenna which can be used for spectrum sensing in cognitive wireless applications. The compact reconfigurable UWB antenna (CRUWBA) proposed is having an excellent matched structure. The radiating patch of the CRUWBA consists of seven regular hexagons united with a circular(More)
New design of a microstrip patch antenna with Twin Eleven shaped slot is presented that achieves a minimum impedance bandwidth of 37.931%. The Twin Eleven shaped slot increases the bandwidth and reduces the complication of design to a very high extent while compared to other slot geometries due to the similarity in the shape of slots that are made on the(More)
A microstrip-fed great arc shaped dipole antenna is proposed and designed for ultrawideband communications. The antenna has large bandwidth covering the frequency band from 3.8 to 9.4 GHz. With simple and proper modification of the radiation patches, a frequency notched performance is obtained at the frequencies 5.8 and 7.5GHz. This paper aims at the(More)
Synaesthetic projection with augmented reality is a cropping up futuristic display technology that empowers advance human interaction with high-quality projected images in free space. In order to make such ubiquitous displays more attainable, conspicuous and low-cost user tracking solutions are required. This novel walk through design allows the users to(More)
This paper depicts design techniques of Rectangular and Circular microstrip antenna using High Frequency Structured Simulator (HFSS) for indoor Ultra Wide Band (UWB) applications at 5.4 GHz Such as WLAN/HIPERLAN. Further parametric analyses were carried out for various substrates like FR-4, RT/ Duroid 5880, Teflon and Curtain Cotton. The return loss, VSWR,(More)