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Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) (http://www.hprd.org) was developed to serve as a comprehensive collection of protein features, post-translational modifications (PTMs) and protein-protein interactions. Since the original report, this database has increased to >20 000 proteins entries and has become the largest database for literature-derived(More)
We introduce "sense, track and separate" approach for the removal of Hg(2+) ion from aqueous media using highly ordered and magnetic mesoporous ferrosilicate nanocages functionalised with rhodamine fluorophore derivative. These functionalised materials offer both fluorescent and magnetic properties in a single system which help not only to selectively sense(More)
This paper presents the implementation of polynomial vector back propagation algorithm (PVBPA) for estimating the power, torque, specific fuel consumption and presence of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons in the emission of a direct injection diesel engine. Experimental readings were obtained using the biodiesel prepared form the waste low quality cooking oil(More)
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