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Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) (http://www.hprd.org) was developed to serve as a comprehensive collection of protein features, post-translational modifications (PTMs) and protein-protein interactions. Since the original report, this database has increased to >20 000 proteins entries and has become the largest database for literature-derived(More)
In this paper, we design a pipelined flash Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to achieve high speed using 0.18um CMOS technology. The results obtained are presented here. The physical circuit is more compact than the previous design. Power, processing time, and area are all minimized. This design can be used for modern high speed ADC applications.
The advancement of technology in satellite system has drastically improved the quality of images which we call high resolution images. Today we have many satellites which provide high resolution images such as QUICKBIRD, IKONOS,WORLD-VIEW etc. High resolution provides much greater detail of information such as buildings or trees etc. can be seen clearly.(More)
—Due to a large amount of non-linear power electronic equipments, impact and fluctuating loads (such as that of arc furnace, heavy merchant mill and electric locomotive, etc), problems of power quality have become more and more serious with each passing day, as a result Active power filter (APF) gains much more attention due to excellent harmonic(More)
This paper presents the implementation of polynomial vector back propagation algorithm (PVBPA) for estimating the power, torque, specific fuel consumption and presence of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons in the emission of a direct injection diesel engine. Experimental readings were obtained using the biodiesel prepared form the waste low quality cooking oil(More)
  • M Suresh, Asst Professor, D Dolphin Kiruba
  • 2013
The choice of flip-flop topologies is an essential importance in design of VLSI integrated circuits for high speed and high performance CMOS circuits. In this paper, a novel pulse triggered flip-flop design is presented which has small delay and low power consumption. Two transistor AND gate is eliminated from the design and a transmission gate is used(More)