M. Sundaram

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Early detection of breast cancer in the mammograms is very essential in the field of medicine. Contrast enhancement for the detection of micro calcification of mammograms based on the Histogram Modified Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (HM-CLAHE) is presented. Histogram equalization is an effective and simple technique for contrast(More)
In this paper we introduce a new graph labeling known as k-Product cordial labeling of graphs.Let f be a map from V(G)to{0,1,...k-1}where k is an integer,1≤k≤. V(G) For each edgeuv assign the label f(u) f(v)(mod k). f is called a k-Product cordial labeling if , 1 (j) v-(i) v f f ≤ and , 1 (j) e-(i) e f f ≤ i,j∈ {0,1,..k-1},where v f (x) and e f (x) denote(More)
Let f be a function from V(G) to{0,1,...k-1}where k is an integer, 2≤k≤. V(G) For each edge uv assign the label f(u) f(v)(mod k). f is called a k-Total Product cordial labeling if () , 1) (≤ − j f i f i,j∈ {0,1,..k-1} where f(x) denotes the total number of vertices and edges labelled with x(x=0,1,2....k-1).In this paper we investigate the 3-Total Product(More)
Theoretical and experimental studies reveal that a predefined single-mode rib waveguide fabricated in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate with a device layer thickness of 2 μm can be adiabatically trimmed down to submicron waveguide dimensions (<1  μm), resulting in regional modification of waveguide properties. The fabrication process involves physical(More)
Breast cancer is ranked second among the leading causes of death affecting females. Statistics have shown that one out of eight (12 %) women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. Mammography is the most effective strategy for breast cancer screening and can be used for the early detection of masses or abnormalities. Small clusters of micro(More)
Original Article Aim: This study was performed for determining the ability of N-Miracle (poly herbal formulation) to increase aphrodisiac activity and to cure ethanol induced germ cell damage and infertility in male rat models. Methods: Different concentration of the drug against aqueous ethanol induced testicular damage was done on male albino rats.(More)
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