M. Sundaram

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Early detection of breast cancer in the mammograms is very essential in the field of medicine. Contrast enhancement for the detection of micro calcification of mammograms based on the Histogram Modified Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (HM-CLAHE) is presented. Histogram equalization is an effective and simple technique for contrast(More)
We summarize the current state of quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) focal plane array (FPA) technology. One-color longwave (LW) and midwave (MW) infrared FPAs in formats up to 640/spl times/480 are being produced by several groups. We recently demonstrated 2-color QWIP FPAs with spatially-registered simultaneous imagery. Our 2-color FPA(More)
In this paper we introduce a new graph labeling known as k-Product cordial labeling of graphs.Let f be a map from V(G)to{0,1,...k-1}where k is an integer,1≤k≤. V(G) For each edgeuv assign the label f(u) f(v)(mod k). f is called a k-Product cordial labeling if , 1 (j) v-(i) v f f ≤ and , 1 (j) e-(i) e f f ≤ i,j∈ {0,1,..k-1},where v f (x) and e f (x) denote(More)
A knowledge of the masses of subatomic nuclei forms a crucial founda6on for research in basic and applied nuclear science, as well as in astrophysics. New accelerator facili6es and new detec6on systems have enabled researchers around the world to make more, and much more precise, nuclear mass measurements. In late 2012, a new Atomic Mass Evalua6on was(More)
Let f be a function from V(G) to{0,1,...k-1}where k is an integer, 2≤k≤. V(G) For each edge uv assign the label f(u) f(v)(mod k). f is called a k-Total Product cordial labeling if () , 1) (≤ − j f i f i,j∈ {0,1,..k-1} where f(x) denotes the total number of vertices and edges labelled with x(x=0,1,2....k-1).In this paper we investigate the 3-Total Product(More)
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