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On 4 July 2005, many observatories around the world and in space observed the collision of Deep Impact with comet 9P/Tempel 1 or its aftermath. This was an unprecedented coordinated observational campaign. These data show that (i) there was new material after impact that was compositionally different from that seen before impact; (ii) the ratio of dust mass(More)
We present some detail of the waveguide probe and SIS mixer chip designs for a low-noise 180−300 GHz double-sideband receiver with an instantaneous RF bandwidth of 24 GHz. The receiver's single SIS junction is excited by a broadband, fixed-tuned waveguide probe on a silicon substrate. The IF output is coupled to a 6−18 GHz MMIC low-noise preamplifier.(More)
We report on a 275-425-GHz tunerless waveguide receiver with a 3.5-8-GHz IF. As the mixing element, we employ a high-current-density Nb-AlN-Nb superconducting-insulating-superconducting (SIS) tunnel junction. Thanks to the combined use of AlN-barrier SIS technology and a broad bandwidth waveguide to thin-film microstrip transition, we are able to achieve an(More)
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