M. Sumithra

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In this paper, various feature extraction techniques for text independent speaker identification such as Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients(MFCC), Modified Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients(MMFCC), Bark frequency cepstral coefficients(BFCC), Revised Perceptual liner prediction (RPLP) and linear predictive coefficient cepstrum (LPCC) are implemented and(More)
A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is a network that expedites nodes to communicate each other in the absence of a fixed infrastructure. In recent years research issues for securing MANET is burgeoning as it finds use in variety of applications. Security of communication in this type of network is paramount for secure transmission. Routing attacks has drawn(More)
The greatest favour of MIMO systems is that more satisfactory performance can be easily achieved without using additional transmit power or extension of the bandwidth. However, its main disadvantage is that additionally high-cost radio frequency (RF) modules are an essential necessity as multiple antennas are deployed. In general, RF modules include(More)
In the recent years Mobile Ad-hoc Network is emerging as a very popular technology in the wireless network. Because of its dynamic topology and its infrastructure less architecture, it is vulnerable to various types of attack. Providing security against the intruder is a challenging task in MANET. In this paper, we present the Modified Enhanced Adaptive(More)
OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technique has been widely adopted in many wireless communication systems due to its high data-rate transmission ability and robustness to the multipath fading channel. One major drawback of the OFDM signal is the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) problem. The high PAPR results in the in-band distortion(More)
In this paper, we suggest a noise robust isolated word speech recognition system which can be applied in various noise environments. In this method, Kalman filter is used to remove the background noise and to enhance the speech signal. The enhanced signal is integrated into the front end of Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) isolated word recognition in order to(More)
Oxidative stress is implicated as one of the primary factor that contributes to the neurodegerative disease, brain damage, stroke, hypoxia etc. The aim and objective of the present study is to investigate the neuroprotective effect of hydrolcoholic seed extract of Langenaria siceraria on hypoxic neurotoxicity induced in wistar rats. The animals were divided(More)
Syzygium cumini is a folklore plant traditionally indicated to treat various inflammatory disorders. In this study anti rheumatic activity of oral administration of petroleum ether extract of Syzygium cumini stem bark at the doses of 50,500,750,1000, mg/kg on complete Freund's complete adjuvant induced arthritis has been studies in rats. The treatment is(More)
Noise removal techniques have become an essential exercise in medical imaging applications, for the study of anatomical structures. To address this issue many denoising algorithm has been proposed both in spatial and frequency domain. Among them, few techniques in spatial domain are hybrid median filter, Weiner filter, bilateral filter, histogram(More)