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Data gathering is a vital operation in wireless sensor network applications, which necessitates energy efficiency techniques in order to increase the lifetime of the network. Similarly, Clustering is an effective technique that is implemented to improve the energy efficiency and network lifetime in wireless sensor networks. This paper proposes an Energy(More)
Data gathering is an essential operation in wireless sensor network applications. So it requires energy efficiency techniques to increase the lifetime of the network. Similarly, clustering is also an effective technique to improve the energy efficiency and network lifetime of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, an energy efficient cluster formation(More)
A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of two or more mobile devices (PDA, laptop, cellphones, etc.) it is getting more and more important for mobile users to discover resources (eg: Printer, fax machines) without any need of configuration. To this end service discovery is an important feature of MANET. In this paper we propose a novel architecture(More)
Spectrum scarcity is one of the primary bottlenecks for the future wireless communication systems, for better spectrum utilization cognitive radio plays a vital role. Cognitive radio is a new paradigm of designing wireless communications systems which aims to enhance the utilization of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum for wireless communications. Available(More)
WiMAX is one of the most familiar broadband wireless access technologies that support multimedia transmission. IEEE802.16 Medium Access Control (MAC) covers a large area for bandwidth allocation and QoS mechanisms for various types of applications. Nevertheless, the standard lacks a MAC scheduling algorithm that has a multi-dimensional objective of(More)
The tea mosquito bug (TMB), Helopeltis spp. (Hemiptera: Miridae) is an insidious pest that poses a significant economical threat to tea plantations. Pseudomonas cultures are being used extensively for pest management which, however, resulting in a low mortality rate of insects and which has prompted us to search for a new microbial metabolite for TMB(More)