M Sufara Akhter Banu

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Calcium (Ca²⁺) regulates several signalling pathways involved in growth, development and stress tolerance. Cellular Ca²⁺ homeostasis is achieved by the combined action of channels, pumps and(More)
OBJECTIVE Although the endonasal endoscopic approach has been applied to remove olfactory groove meningiomas, controversy exists regarding the efficacy and safety of this approach compared with more(More)
OBJECTIVE Suprasellar meningiomas have been resected via various open cranial approaches. During the past 2 decades, the endoscopic endonasal approach has been shown to be an option in selected(More)
In 1955, Vincent du Vigneaud (1901-1978), the chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at Cornell University Medical College, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his research on insulin(More)