M. Subramanian

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Network Management Systems (NMS) are used to monitor the network and along with Operations Support Systems (OSS) maintain the performance with a focus on guaranteeing sustained QoS to the applications and services. One aspect that is given less importance is the energy consumption of the network elements during the off peak periods. This paper looks at a(More)
During peak hours, the focus of an Internet service provider (ISP) is on meeting user demand and maintaining the quality of service of a network. However this leads to under-utilization of network devices/components in different parts of the network. Since the power consumption of network devices are constant and independent of their actual workloads, the(More)
Predicting and identifying an optimal navigational forecasting for a mobile robot agent is considered to be one of the key challenges for researchers in the field of AI and robotics. A mobile robot agent participating for wide range of mission critical application will explore into an unknown environment will be challenging criteria, considering its(More)
Developing a concrete agent based architecture model through a heterogeneous agents and designing the best possible lane for a autonomous mobile robots are one of the key area, which gains much attention to the researchers in this field. This paper aim’s the study on behavioural aspects, navigational and optimal path analysis of an autonomous mobile robot,(More)
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