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Privacy has become a key issue for progress in data mining. Maintaining the privacy of data mining has become increasingly popular because it allows sharing of privacy-sensitive data for analysis. So people are still reluctant to share information, which often leads to people who either refuse to share information or give false information. In turn, such(More)
Problem statement: In multihomed host, if data transfer starts using CMT, unaware of paths status causes delay in data transfer or packet loss due to path failure. Transmission Path (one or more paths) failures result in out-of-order data delivery causing receiver buffer blocking and preventing sender from transmitting further data. Approach: Multipath(More)
In SCTP's Concurrent Multipath Transfer, if data is sent to the destined IP(s) without knowledge of the paths condition, packets may be lost or delayed. This is because of the bursty nature of IP traffic and physical damage to the network. To offset these problems, network path status is examined using our new mechanism Multipath State Aware Concurrent(More)
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