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Design an energy efficient data aggregation tree approaches sensor network using localized power efficient data aggregation protocols. Using LMST and RNG topologies approximate minimum spanning tree and calculate position and distance information of one hop neighbors. A new node is added or fails route maintenance procedure is executed. The shortest(More)
Recent advancement in wireless communication has enabled the development of low-cost sensor networks. The sensor networks can be used for various application areas (such as health, military, home and etc.,). In earlier research, an energy-efficient cluster-based adaptive time-division multiple access (TDMA) medium-access-control (MAC) protocol, named(More)
The goal of natural image denoising is to estimate a clean version of a given noisy image, utilizing prior knowledge on the statistics of natural images. Noise removal from natural images is a challenging task. Image denoising is an applicable issue for image processing and computer vision problems. There are several existing methods are available for image(More)
— QoS (Quality-of-Service) is an important topic in cloud computing. It is very difficult to make a decision on choosing the cloud services depending on QoS requirements. These requirements have to be satisfied by both cloud service providers and cloud users. So, Optimal Service Selection is needed to obtain high quality cloud applications. With the(More)
— In, general, Human Iris is considered as a valid biometrics for personal identification. Traditional approaches, such as keys, ID cards, username and password, are neither satisfactory nor reliable enough in many security fields, biometrics authorizations based on face, iris, fingerprint have become a modern research filed. In those methods, iris(More)
Cloud Computing allow the users to efficiently and dynamically provision computing resource to meet their IT needs. Companies are able to rent resources from cloud for storage and other computational purposes so that their infrastructure cost can be reduced. Further they can make use of company-wide access to applications based on pay-as-you-go model. Hence(More)
— Building high quality cloud applications becomes an urgently required research problem. Nonfunctional performance of cloud services is usually described by quality-of-service (QoS). In cloud applications, cloud services are invoked remotely by internet connections. The QoS Ranking of cloud services for a user cannot be transferred directly to another(More)
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