M. Stuart Lynn

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  • Jeannine Siviy, M Lynn, Penn Erin Harper
  • 2005
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  • Jeannine M Siviy, M Lynn, Penn Robert Stoddard
  • 2007
Our Objectives • Use " CMMI + Six Sigma " implementations and research as a springboard for considering the broader topic of multi-model process improvement • Enrich our views of what SEPGs (and their equivalents) do and how they do it, to enable efficient and effective multi-model process improvement Ask the Audience • What are your questions? Your current(More)
The battle of the covers. That was the beginning. I had just taken over as Editor-in-Chief of CACM in 1969. Don Madden was then ACM's Executive Director. With undoubtedly some justification, he was concerned that the covers of CACM were too drab and were not attractive to an increasingly broad base of membership. He wanted to brighten them up.
Proceedings of a workshop on the forensic use of molecular techniques to identify wildlife products in the marketplace. Source levels and estimated yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) detection ranges for dolphin jaw pops, breaches, and tail slaps. Forney, K.A. 2000. Environmental models of cetacean abundance: a step towards reducing uncertainty in(More)
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