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—Although many attempts have been made to design a fault-current limiting (FCL) circuit breaker (FCLCB) for medium voltage electric power systems, no economically attractive solution has been achieved so far. In this paper, a novel concept for a FCLCB is introduced based on a hybrid arrangement of semiconductors , temperature-dependent resistors, and a(More)
Discussing the state of the art of current limitation in medium voltage range shows the limits and drawbacks of today's current limiting techniques. Focusing on up-to-date research projects in the field, the major part of this paper explains various kinds of current limitation by means of super conducting materials. The two major principles, resistive and(More)
—From failure experience on power transformers, it was very often suspected that inrush currents, occurring when energizing unloaded transformers, were reason for damage. In this paper, it was investigated how mechanical forces within the transformer coils build up under inrush compared to those occurring at short circuit. Two-dimensional and(More)
This paper reports on the validation of a high-fidelity transient model of an existing wind farm with directly grid connected fixed-speed induction generators implemented on a real-time digital simulator. The model will be used to test the controller hardware of a novel STATCOM, which is planned to be field-tested at the wind farm location, in a(More)
—– All concepts for fault current limiters employing high temperature superconductors (SCFL) have the disadvantage of significant AC losses caused by the superconductor carrying a continuous load current. Therefore, in the presented paper it is investigated what electrical and thermodynamic requirements have to be fulfilled by a superconductor if the fault(More)
Multi-converter systems composed of series or parallel connected modular multilevel converters (MMCs) require a means to manage power sharing between the MMCs by balancing the load during operation. Series connected MMCs require proper voltage balancing while parallel connected MMCs require proper current balancing. The paper describes this imbalance(More)
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