M. Steuer

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The onset of maternal behavior in Long-Evans rats was examined after pseudopregnancy (PsP) termination, both with and without exogenous estrogen administration, and in response to either clean or placenta-smeared stimulus pups. Natural (spontaneous) PsP termination was as effective in hastening the onset of maternal behavior as ovariectomy plus estrogen(More)
Recent investigations suggest that the disruption of placentophagia, pup-directed maternal behavior, and nestbuilding seen after lesions of the medial preoptic area (MPO) or the lateral hypothalamus may be due to the interruption at different points of a single longitudinal neural system mediating these behaviors. To test this, we compared the effects of(More)
Classification of local area surface defects on hot rolled steel is a problematic task due to the variability in manifestations of the defects grouped under the same defect label. This paper discusses the use of two adaptive computing techniques, based on supervised and unsupervised learning, with a view to establishing a bask for building reliable decision(More)
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