M Stephen Oberste

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BACKGROUND Clusters of acute flaccid paralysis or cranial nerve dysfunction in children are uncommon. We aimed to assess a cluster of children with acute flaccid paralysis and cranial nerve dysfunction geographically and temporally associated with an outbreak of enterovirus-D68 respiratory disease. METHODS We defined a case of neurological disease as any(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the association of enteroviruses (EV) with ALS by applying a sensitive seminested reverse transcription (RT) PCR protocol to the detection of enteroviral RNA in a blinded set of archived tissues from ALS and control cases. METHODS The specimen set consisted of 24 frozen spinal cord samples from ALS cases, 17 frozen spinal cord samples(More)
A substantial body of evidence suggests positive effects of acute aerobic exercise (AAE) on subsequent higher cognitive functions in healthy young adults. These effects are widely understood as a result of the ongoing physiological adaptation processes induced by the preceding AAE. However, designs of published studies do not control for placebo, Hawthorne(More)
Acute exercise improves selective aspects of cognition such as executive functioning. Animal studies suggest that some effects are based on exercise-induced alterations in serotonin (5-HT) secretion. This study evaluates the impact of different aerobic exercise intensities on 5-HT serum levels as well as on executive functioning considering 5-HT as a(More)
This systematic review analyzes current data on effects of exercise interventions and physical activity behavior on objective and subjective cancer related cognitive impairments (CRCI). Out of the 19 studies which met all inclusion criteria, five RCTs investigated rodents, whereas the other 14 trials explored humans and these included six RCTs, one(More)
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