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Research on legume nodule development has contributed greatly to our current understanding of plant-microbe interactions. However, the factors that orchestrate root nodule senescence have received relatively little attention. Accumulating evidence suggests that redox signals contribute to the establishment of symbiosis and senescence. Although degenerative(More)
The effect of salinity on ammonium-assimilation enzymes, as well as on the enzymes of purine catabolism, was studied in root nodules of common bean plants grown in an environmentally controlled chamber. Salt treatments (0, 25, 50 and 100 mM) were applied during the vegetative period, when the symbiosis was well established. Four harvests were made, two(More)
1Department of adult ophthalmology. 20 August 1953 Hospital. Casablanca. Morocco 2Department of internal medicine. Ibn Rochduniversity Hospital. Casablanca. Morocco 3Microbiology laboratory. Ibn Rochd university Hospital. Casablanca. Morocco 4Mycology and parasitology laboratory. Ibn Rochd university Hospital. Casablanca. Morocco 5Department of pediatric(More)
The authors report five ultrasonic imaging between 13 and 32 weeks of gestation. All of them have an hydrops fetalis and an aspect of like masses located in the nuchal region. A cystic retrocervical hygroma was confirmed at autopsy examination in three cases. The diagnosis of cystic hygroma remains inaccurate in the other two cases in the lack of the(More)
Results We collected 75 patients. The mean age of patients was 37 years old. The median CD4 was 62cel/mm 3. Intestinal cryptosporidiosis was indicative of HIV infection in 54 cases (77%) and in 16 cases (23%) they occurred at the waning of treatment failure. Cryptosporidia were isolated from 52 patients (69.3%). Eight of them were gay. Consumption of raw(More)
Fusarium is a filamentous brown fungus found in soil, on plants and outdoors responsible for localized or disseminated infections. Diagnosis is based on blood cultures and skin biopsy. Disseminated fusariosis is a rare and serious fungal infection, that occurs especially in neutropenic immunosuppressed patients. Treatment is difficult and mortality is(More)
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