M. Sohail Khalid

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— Bhattacharyya coefficient is a popular method that uses color histograms to correlate images. Bhattacharyya Coefficient is believed to be the absolute similarity measure for frequency coded data and it needs no bias correction. In this paper, we show that when this method is applied to gray scale images, it produces biased results. Correlation based on(More)
Two-dimensional assemblies of Au–Pt bime-tallic nanoparticles are generated in situ on polyethyle-neimmine (PEI) silane functionalized silicon and indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass surfaces. Atomic force microscopy (AFM), UV–Visible spectroscopy, and elec-trochemical measurements reveal the formation of core– shell structure with Au as core and Pt as(More)
Kullback-Leiber divergence measure is one of the commonly used distance measure that is used for computing the dissimilarity score between histograms. In this paper we show that it produces biased results when correlation is computed between gray scale images or sections of images using their histograms. The biased is explored and demonstrated through(More)
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