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The influence of headspace ethylene on anthocyanin, anthocyanidin, and carotenoid accumulation was studied in suspension cultures of Vaccinium pahalae. Exogenous application of ethrel (an ethylene-releasing compound) significantly reduced growth and secondary metabolite production, whereas incorporation of 5.0 or 10.0 mg l-1 CoCl2 or NiCl2 effectively(More)
Pertussis vaccine, pertussis toxin, and the alpha-adrenoceptor blocking drug phentolamine augment glucose-induced insulin secretion. The present study was carried out to determine the relationship between this action and the ability of these agents to prevent the inhibitory actions of adrenaline. Pertussis vaccine augmented glucose-induced insulin secretion(More)
The organic calcium channel blocking drugs darodipine, nicardipine, diltiazem and verapamil inhibited glucose-induced (8.3 mmol L-1) insulin secretion by rat isolated islets in a concentration-dependent manner. The IC50 values (mumol L-1) for nicardipine, diltiazem and verapamil were 0.0025, 1.94 and 3.6, respectively. There were no significant differences(More)
In order to avoid complications induced by long-term infusion of insulin into the portal vein, we examined the effect of intraperitoneal (ip) insulin infusion on arterial plasma insulin and glucose concentrations in 6 pigs, made diabetic by a constant intravenous (iv) infusion of glucose, epinephrine and propranolol. Insulin was infused by an(More)
Pigment producing in vitro cells of Vaccinium pahalae (ohelo) were tested for their ability to survive cryopreservation and retain pigment-production capacity after encapsulation-dehydration. Preculture of cells for 6 to 8 days in a medium containing 1.0 M sucrose was essential before dehydration. Reduction of bead water content before quenching in liquid(More)
To elucidate the validity of the indirect method of following insulin absorption from the subcutaneous tissue, i.e. external counting of injected 125-I insulin, the disappearance of 125-I NPH insulin from subcutaneous tissue was measured by a biotelemetric method (external measurement of radioactivity) and by direct determination of radioactivity and(More)
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