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— Realistic experimentation facilities are indispensable to accelerate the design of novel Future Internet systems. As many of these groundbreaking new applications and services cover multiple innovation areas, the need for these solutions to be tested on cross-domain facilities with both novel infrastructure technologies and newly emerging service(More)
Optical flow is the apparent motion of objects in image sequence. It has a number of applications ranging from medical imaging to visual effects. This report describes a CUDA implementation of a 2D optical flow method referred to as Hierarchical Horn and Schunck. This optical flow method is based on two assumptions: brightness constancy and spatial flow(More)
—Network interworking in the IP era is largely an issue of compatibility of control layer functions and protocols. No common framework exists yet which would tie together the various mechanisms established for achieving QoS, security, mobility, etc. This paper introduces the concept of an extensible control space that can dynamically incorporate existing or(More)
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