M. Sivasankar

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The present study was undertaken to examine if a subject's voice F0 responded not only to perturbations in pitch of voice feedback but also to changes in pitch of a side tone presented congruent with voice feedback. Small magnitude brief duration perturbations in pitch of voice or tone auditory feedback were randomly introduced during sustained vowel(More)
Vocal folds undergo osmotic challenge by mouth breathing during singing, exercising, and loud speaking. Just 15 min of obligatory oral breathing, to dry the vocal folds, increases phonation threshold pressure (Pth) and expiratory vocal effort in healthy speakers (M. Sivasankar & K. Fisher, 2002). We questioned whether oral breathing is more detrimental to(More)
Vocal fatigue is a frequently reported voicec symptom among professional voice users. Indian School teachers teach lontinuously for many hours in advene acoustical environments and are highly susceptible to vocal fatigue. The present study is the first to examine acoustic voice measures in teacher, reporting naturally induced vocal fatigue. 40 female(More)
In these recent trends, over 70% of osteosarcoma affects large bones in the lower extremity (femur and tibia). Most of the cases are reported for children below 20 years, and require surgery involving prosthetic reconstruction. so, the development of Artificial Prosthesis is the Prominent Solution for this great Cause. Osteosarcoma is an aggressive(More)
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) has been the focus of many researchers for several years. In speech recognition system is for a computer be able to "hear, " understand," and "act upon" spoken information. The speaker recognition system viewed as working in a Analysis , Feature extraction , Modeling , Testing/Matching techniques .speech processing is to(More)
The contribution of Stream ciphers to cryptography is immense. For fast encryption, stream ciphers are preferred to block ciphers due to their XORing operation, which is easier and faster to implement. In this paper we present a matrix based stream cipher, in which a m x n binary matrix single handedly performs the work of m parallel LFSRs. The resistivity(More)
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