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In this study, we explore the design of a subthreshold processor for use in ultra-low-energy sensor systems. We describe an 8-bit subthreshold processor that has been designed with energy efficiency as the primary constraint. The processor, which is functional below V<sub>dd</sub>=200 mV, consumes only 3.5 pJ/inst at V<sub>dd</sub>=350 mV and, under a(More)
A robust, energy efficient subthreshold (sub-V<sub>th</sub>) processor has been designed and tested in a 0.13 mum technology. The processor consumes 11 nW at V<sub>dd</sub> = 160 mV and 3.5 pJ/inst at V<sub>dd</sub> = 350 mV. Variability and performance optimization techniques are investigated for sub-V<sub>th</sub> circuits.
Restoration and periodontium are correlated to each other. The biological width is reformed by them. The main factor to achieve the biological width is gingival retraction/displacement at the time of recording impression of area of finish lines in fixed partial denture prosthodontics. In view of this, a crevicular fluid control is also very essential. The(More)
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