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The effects of platelet depletion with antibody have been studied in two models of the autologous phase of nephrotoxic nephritis in the rabbit. In the 'telescoped' model (animals pre-immunized to sheep IgG injected with sheep nephrotoxic antibody), platelet depletion did not alter intraglomerular fibrin deposition or evidence of glomerular damage, but did(More)
A passive model of the autologous phase of nephrotoxic nephritis (NTN) in rabbits was developed to study the events at the initiation of this stage of the disease. Intravenous injection of sheep anti-rabbit glomerular basement membrane antiserum was followed 48 hr later by 125I trace labelled rabbit anti-sheep IgG. Animals were killed 3 hr after the second(More)
Serial studies of circulating immune complexes, serum complement, proteinuria and renal histology and immunofluorescence have been undertaken in infective endocarditis glomerulonephritis in rabbits. Eighteen of 24 rabbits developed evidence of glomerulonephritis and 13 of 18 had circulating immune complexes. Gel filtration studies showed the immune(More)
A high incidence of raised levels of circulating immune complexes has found in a group of patients with idiopathic vasculitis. Serial measurements in 8 patients with systemic vasculitis showed a good correlation between clinical status and circulating immune complex levels. Some correlation existed between the constituents of circulating and tissue-bound(More)
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