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Evidence is presented that mitochondria are implicated in the previously described programmed cell death (PCD) process induced by acetic acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In yeast cells undergoing a PCD process induced by acetic acid, translocation of cytochrome c (CytC) to the cytosol and reactive oxygen species production, two events known to be(More)
Recent evidence has revealed the occurrence of an apoptotic phenotype in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is inducible with oxidative stress. Here, exposure of S. cerevisiae to 20-200 mM acetic acid for 200 min at pH 3.0 resulted in cell death. Yeast mortality induced by 120-200 mM acid was not inhibited by cycloheximide and was accompanied by ultrastructural(More)
— Continuous Petri nets were introduced as an approximation to deal with the state explosion problem which can appear in discrete event models. When time is introduced, the flow through a fluidified transition can be defined in many ways. The most used in literature are infinite and finite servers semantics. Both can be seen as derived from stochastic Petri(More)
We concentrate on a family of discrete event systems obtained from a simple modular design principle that include in a controlled way primitives to deal with concurrency, decisions, synchronization, blocking , and bulk movements of jobs. Due to the functional complexity of such systems, reliable throughput approximation algorithms must be deeply supported(More)
— This paper addresses the optimal control problem of continuous Petri nets under infinite servers semantics. Our goal is to find a control input optimizing a certain cost function that permits the evolution from an initial marking to a desired configuration. The problem is studied through Model Predictive Control (MPC), a control method, extensively used(More)
This paper addresses a sampling problem for timed continuous Petri nets under infinite servers semantics. Different representations of the continuous Petri net system are given, the first two in terms of piecewise linear system and the third one, for the controlled continuous Petri nets systems, in terms of a particular linear constrained system with null(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the FI4VDI project, the goal of which was to develop an innovative model of service provision using cloud computing in order to create an infrastructure suite aimed at large companies and SMEs alike, educational institutions, universities and/or research centers that would contribute to competitiveness and provide an(More)
BACKGROUND Mycobacterium ulcerans disease, or Buruli ulcer (BU), is an indolent, necrotizing infection of skin, subcutaneous tissue and, occasionally, bones. It is the third most common human mycobacteriosis worldwide, after tuberculosis and leprosy. There is evidence that M. ulcerans is an environmental pathogen transmitted to humans from aquatic niches;(More)
This paper addresses the improvement of throughput upper bounds for live and bounded stochastic Petri nets, presented by the authors in previous works. The introduction of a greater amount of structural information, traps and implicit places, allows to improve the bounds using linear programming problems deened on the net structure, on the routing(More)