M. Silva Pereira

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In a series of outbreaks of food-poisoning associated with the consumption of cockles, no bacterial pathogens were demonstrable either in faeces of patients or in cockles. However, small round virus-like particles have been detected in a high proportion of the faecal specimens in three of the outbreaks. These particles are similar in size, morphological(More)
A fully integrated switchable dual-band low-noise amplifier (DB-LNA) for 802.11b/g and WiMAX applications is presented. By using switch effective inductance technique for the input matching network (IMN) and a switched LC tank to tune the amplifier gain, dual-band operation for 2.4 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands is achieved. Using a standard 0.18um CMOS process, a(More)
We measure and model the steady transport of specific conductivity and dissolved oxygen through a groundwater plume from a highway infiltration basin in southeastern Massachusetts. Specific conductivity is treated as a conservative surrogate for runoff contamination , and the data calibrate a 0.27-m vertical dispersivity ␣ of the aquifer and the bottom(More)
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