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For interfacial interactions of " separable type " the existence is proved of stable multiphase equilibrium states minimizing the total energy which includes a sharp interface contribution along interfaces separating the phases. The second gradients of deformation do not occur; the theory is based on interfacial null lagrangians as determined in [11–12].(More)
The differentiability of the metric projection P onto a closed convex set K in n is examined. The boundary K can have singular points of orders k − n −. Here k − corresponds to the interior points of K, k to regular points of the boundary (i.e., faces), k n − to edges and k n − to vertices. It is assumed that for every k the set of all singular points forms(More)
In this paper we consider masonry bodies undergoing loads that can be represented by vector valued measures, and prove a result which is an appropriate formulation to this context of the static theorem of the limit analysis. As applications, we study the equilibrium of panels that are subjected both to distributed loads and concentrated forces, and(More)
The paper deals with nets formed by two families of fibers (cords) which can grow shorter but not longer, in a deformation. The nets are treated as two dimensional continua in the three dimensional space. The inextensibility condition places unilateral constraint on the partial derivatives y and y of the deformation y Ω of the form |y x| |y x| x x x Ω ⊂(More)
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