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Despite senescence-induced chlorophyll depletion in plants has been widely studied, the enzymatic background of this physiologically regulated process still remains highly unclear. The purpose of this study was to determine selected biochemical properties of partially purified fractions of chlorophyllase (Chlase, chlorophyll chlorophyllido-hydrolase, EC(More)
When designing communication systems based on serially concatenated codes and iterative decoding, it is common practice to use recursive convolutional codes as inner codes. In this paper we show that very good performance can also be obtained by using simple block codes as inner codes. In particular, we propose a simple extension of a single parity check(More)
Convolutional codes are an efficient means of achieving reliable communication with low latency and complexity constraints. Since optimal Viterbi decoding of long (say, above 8) constraint length codes can be prohibitively complex, sequential decoders, such as the Zigangirov-Jelinek (ZJ) stack algorithm or the Fano algorithm can be applied. However, the(More)
Thymomas are thymic epithelial neoplasms. Surgery plays a major role in thymoma treatment but chemotherapy can significantly improve prognoses for this group of patients. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (before surgery), adjuvant chemotherapy (after surgery), chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy and palliative chemotherapy in dissemination stage could be(More)
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