M. Sikandar Hayat Khayal

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Finding frequent patterns play an important role in mining association rules, sequences, episodes, Web log mining and many other interesting relationships among data. Frequent pattern mining methods often produce a huge number of frequent itemsets that is not feasible for effective usage. The number of highly correlated patterns is usually very small and(More)
Cloud computing has grasped the attention of scientific community and business industry towards the provisioning of computing resources as utility and software as a service over a network. Profitability and revenue maximization are the most important goals for any cloud service provider which can be employed through different pricing models. Historically,(More)
Binary Search Tree (BST) is one of the most widely used techniques for searching in non-linear data structure. If the BST is not maintained in optimal shape then the searching and insertion may need extra number of comparisons. In present literature, several BST algorithms have been proposed to maintain the BST in optimal shape. Different researchers have(More)
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