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Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) is a cool-season grain legume which provides a rich source of protein for human consumption. In terms of genomic resources, lentil is relatively underdeveloped, in comparison to other Fabaceae species, with limited available data. There is hence a significant need to enhance such resources in order to identify novel genes and(More)
Keywords: Optimal stochastic control Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes Uncertain observations Belief space Structural life-cycle cost Infrastructure management a b s t r a c t To address effectively the urgent societal need for safe structures and infrastructure systems under limited resources, science-based management of assets is needed. The(More)
Processes Optimal stochastic control Belief space Uncertain observations Structural life-cycle cost Infrastructure management a b s t r a c t The overall objective of this two part study is to highlight the advanced attributes, capabilities and use of stochastic control techniques, and especially Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs), that(More)
Proximal tibial growth plates of New Zealand white rabbits were serially sectioned in parasagittal and horizontal planes for three dimensional, light microscopic analysis of the chondrocytic columns. A total of 431 columns was analysed. Of these, 258 columns extended through the full height of the growth plate. The remaining columns were considerably(More)
Die im obigen Titel erwähnten, vier biologisch unentbehrlichen Brenzcatechin-Amine besitzen eine sarkomhemmende Fähigkeit. Die Hemmung wird durch Cupri-Ionen bedeutend verstärkt. Unter Mitwirkung von Kupfer können diese o-Diphenol-Verbindungen Nucleinsäuren depolymerisieren und das DNS-Molekül spezifisch an der Stelle des Pyrimidin-Nucleotid-Kluster(More)
A typical mammalian long bone will increase in length during the growth phase of the individual. This increase in length does not occur uniformly throughout the bone, since bone tissue is incapable of internal expansion after formation. The growth occurs at two, disc-shaped, regions near either end of the long bone. These regions are called growth plates.(More)
The application of the concepts of continuum mechanics and of the numerical techniques of the finite element method permits the development of a new and potentially clinically useful method of describing craniofacial skeletal growth. This new method differs from those associated with customary roentgenographic cephalometry in that its descriptions and(More)
An allometric centered model of craniofacial growth was tested by several computer-assisted statistical methods on the pure longitudinal growth data of twenty-four close-bred female rats and on cross-sectional human cranial growth data. The study demonstrated that such a model was heuristic and, being incapable of exact definition, was deemed inappropriate(More)
This study of cranial skeletal growth kinematics details the conceptual principles underlying the development of an allometric network model of such growth. This model is tested by the analysis of longitudinal rat and cross-sectional human growth data and by comparison of this model with a previously described allometric centered model. It is shown that the(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a chaotic on-off keying method for secure communications by using chaos synchronization in two microchip lasers. The output of the microchip laser in the transmitter is externally modulated with an acousto-optic modulator at ~4 MHz . One encodes a digital message in the chaotic carrier by turning the modulation on and off at(More)