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PURPOSE Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) pneumonia epidemics have occurred in 3- to 4-year cycles in Korea. We evaluated the epidemiologic characteristics of MP pneumonia in Daejeon, Korea, from 2003 to 2012. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 779 medical records of children (0-15 years of old) with MP pneumonia admitted to our institution and compared the(More)
BACKGROUND Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) pneumonia is a self-limiting disease, but some patients complain of progressive pneumonia, despite of appropriate antibiotic treatment. We aimed to introduce the role of immune-modulators (corticosteroid and/or intravenous immunoglobulin, IVIG) treatment for childhood MP pneumonia based on previous our experiences. (More)
A case of testicular teratocarcinoma metastatic to a mediastinal lymph node and associated with a mediastinal lesion indistinguishable from an enteric cyst is presented. It is postulated that the mediastinal enteric cyst-like lesion resulted from histologic maturation of metastatic teratocarcinoma after intensive chemotherapy. The basis in the medical(More)
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