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A survey was made of the yeasts occurring in the intestinal tract of wild species ofDrosophila occurring in the Yosemite Region of California. Two hundred and forty one yeasts, representing 42 species and varieties, were identified. Each isolate was obtained from a different fly. Almost half of the isolates belong toSaccharomyces. The most common species in(More)
Radiation-induced osteosarcoma, its metastasis, and cells grown in tissue culture were karyotyped. Both hypodiploid and hyperdiploid stem lines were observed. The hypodiploid line contained 45-55 chromosomes with 10-15 abnormal metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes and one subtelocentric marker. The hyperdiploid line contained 90-105 chromosomes with(More)
Serum copper levels (SCL) and serum zinc levels (SZL) were evaluated in 19 patients with sarcomas, 12 of which were osteosarcomas at various stages. Patients with primary or metastatic osteosarcoma had elevated SCL, whereas amputated osteosarcoma patients who were clinically tumor-free had nearly normal SCL. Patients with primary osteosarcoma had elevated(More)
Neoplastic growths seem to interfere with normal processes regulating the serum level of ceruloplasmin, a copper-containing oxidase, which accounts for 96% of serum copper. Normal catabolism of ceruloplasmin in the liver follows desialylation. However, in patients with tumors, ceruloplasmin may be resialylated at the tumor cell surface or in peripheral(More)
Ceruloplasmin (Cp) levels in sera of osteosarcoma patients, women on chemical contraceptives, and normal individuals were determined by radial immuno-diffusion (RID) and rocket electroimmunophoresis (REP) techniques; serum copper levels (SCL) were determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Ratios of SCL/Cp were constant in all groups tested, indicating(More)