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McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity metric is widely cited a s a useful predictor of various software attributes such a s reliability and development effort. This critique demonstrates that it is based upon poor theoretical foundations and an inadequate model of software development. The argument that the metric provides the developer with a useful engineering(More)
The papcr aims to providc the software eqtimation research community with a better understanding of the meaning of, and relationship between, two statistics that are often used to assess the accuracy of predictive models: the mean magnitude rclative error, MMRE, and the nuniber of predictioiis within 25% of the actuals, pred(25). It is demonstrated that(More)
Design structure measures are an example o f a class o f metrics that may be derived early on in a software project; they are useful numeric indicators o f design weaknesses weaknesses which, i f uncorrected, lead to problems o f implementation, reliability, and maintainability. Unfortunately, these metrics suffer from certain limitations. In particular,(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The doctor of philosophy degree is generally regarded as the pinnacle of individual academic achievement, but this is a common misconception. A Ph. D. is most certainly not a solo effort. The work that I present in this dissertation would not and could not have been completed without the assistance of many wonderful scientists (and(More)
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